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& (Ampersand) .. to .. 3705

AA (Auto Answer) .. to .. Axiomatization

B8ZS (Bipolar 8 Zero Substitution) .. to .. Byzantine Generals Problem(BGP)

Cache .. to .. Cycle, FDDI II

D4 Framing .. to .. Dynamic Routing

E1 Carrier .. to .. EtherTalk Link Access Protocol (ELAP)

Facility .. to .. Function Management Layer (FML)

G, or Giga .. to .. Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objedcts (GDMO)

Hacker .. to .. Hz (Hertz)

IA5 (International Alphabet 5) .. to .. Isochronous Ethernet (isoEthernet)

J2EE .. to .. Jumper

K, or Kilo .. to .. Knowbots

LAN (Local Area Network) .. to .. LocalTalk

M, or Mega .. to .. Multiuser

N, or Nano .. to .. Numbering System

Object .. to .. Overhead Traffic

Pacing .. to .. Proxy Server

Quad .. to .. Queue

Rate Distortion Theory .. to .. rsync

Scalable .. to .. SystemView

T, or Tera .. to .. Twisted-Pair Cable

UML .. to .. uucp

Value (UML) .. to .. VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)

WAIS (Wide Area Information Servers) .. to .. Worm

X.21 .. to .. XON/XOFF

Yahoo .. to .. Ymodem

Zero-Slot LAN .. to .. Zones List

Data Communications resources - directory of Data Communications related websites.

Contributers to this Networking Site:

The Encyclopedia of Networking
Second Edition
By Werner Feibel
Network Press, SYBEX

Local Area Networks -- Architectures and Implementations
By James Martin w/Kathleen Kavanagh Chapman
The ARBEN Group, Inc.
Prentice Hall

Local Area Networks -- The Second Generation
By Thomas W. Madron
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

FWB's Guide To Storage
By Norman Fong
FWB Incorporated

The Computer Science and Engineering Handbook
Editor-In-Chief Allen B. Tucker, Jr.
CRC Press

The Mac Web Server Book
Tools & Techniques for Building Your Internet Site
By Mark R. Bell and Rob Terrell
Ventana Communications Group, Inc.

A Guide To Networking
DataSys Corporation
By Alan M. Cohen
Boyd & Fraser Publishing Company

MacWorld Networking Handbook
By Dave Kosiur, PH.D. & Nancy E.H. Jones IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.
An International Data Group Company

The Irwin Handbook of Telecommunications; Fourth Edition
By James Harry Green McGraw-Hill
A Division of The McGraw-Hill Companies

Search for Information Technology Items


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