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Bob's Resume...
Robert D. Betterton Phone: H (503) 285-2161 after 6 PM
7233 N. Lombard St. W (503) 685-4570 during the Day
Portland, Oregon 97203-3207 Cell (503) 467-9493


Challenging position associated with Web Design, Database and Internet interaction and development using various methods/tools to get the job done.


B.S.E.E. - Computer Electronics - Portland State University (PSU), 1975

- 25 Credit Hr's of Business Graduate Course Work at PSU, 1986 - 1996
M.S.I.T. - Information Systems - University of Maryland University College, 2006


Xerox/Tektronix, Inc. Wilsonville, Ore. - October 1979 to Present

Web Application Engineer/Engineering Analyst: - June 1996 to Present

Responsible for the technical design of three intranet web and one extranet site(s) and associated applications using various tools.

Personal site @: http://www.rdbprime.com

Site uses the following technologies and systems:

Databases -- Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, File Maker Pro, Forth Dimension

Web Servers -- Apache, IIS, WebStar

Mail Servers -- WebStar

Operating Systems -- Windows 2000, Window XP, Mac OS X, Mac OS 9.2.2

Technologies -- Coldfusion (Standard & MX), Tango, JavaScript, Java, PL/SQL, SQL, .NET, ASPX, HTML, AJAX

Hardware -- PC's, Mac's, Raid's

Information Technology Experiences:

Database -- Oracle, Forth Dimension, FileMaker Pro, Access, and Ominus 7.

Coding -- Coldfusion, Tango, PL/SQL, SQL, C, C++, Pascal, JavaScript, Java, JSP, Servlet, JavaBeans, ASPX, .NET, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX

Coding methodology -- UML, OOA, OOD

Methodology -- Fusebox, Agile, Modified Waterfall, Waterfall, Incremental, RAD, Prototyping or Evolutionary, Spiral

Technical Support Specialist Engineer III: - June 1986 to June 1996

Responsible for the software/firmware/hardware technical knowledge on color and monochrome printers for assistance to the field technicians, hot line technicians, and customers working on these products. I am considered an expert on the internal and external operation of these products; when a field technician, hot line technician, or customer can not solve the problem they call me. This job includes customer relations and phone skills.

This position also includes feedback and technical information for design engineering, hardware and software. Input is made to assist design engineering to "design products" for serviceability and customer user friendliness. Use of case tools such as Deft to help design serviceability diagnostic’s during printer development.

Also provided written technical articles, "Service Bulletins", "Tips & Hints", and "Kit Instructions" to the above named groups represented above, i.e., field, customer, and hot line. To date have written over 400 articles.

EMC Engineer III: - September 1984 to June 1986

Responsible for all Information Display Group (IDG) EMC Testing to the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) and West German (VDE) requirements. This included establishing and setting IDG testing schedules for the EMC Lab, Electrical Lab, and the management of the Electrical Lab and all its testing procedures. Assisted in the Dynamics and Climatic Lab.

Successfully Developed the Test Reports for all Qualifying Tests performed per the FCC and VDE. These reports then assist engineers with their EMC, ESD, RFI, and Line Transients design problems. The reports are also kept on file for the Regulatory Bodies.

Successfully Qualified many Tektronix's products and systems.

Successfully analyzed schematics for new products and recommend modifications for compatibility with EMC, ESD, RFI, Line Transients, Line Drop outs and Frequency changes.

Familiar with regulatory and industry documents from the FCC, VDE, CISPR, IEC, NEMA, IEEE, EIA, MIL Stands, etc.

Electrical Evaluation Engineer II: - October 1979 to September 1984

Responsible for the Evaluation of Electrical and Electro-Mechanical Designs on many products from design completion to engineering release. Successfully evaluated Tektronix products such as CRT Displays, Hard Copiers, Printers, Color Copiers, Rasterizers, RGB Mixers, Mux's, Image Processors, and Terminals. Successfully Developed Evaluation Plans, Schedules, Tests Reports, and Final Evaluation Reports on all products responsible for. All evaluation consisted of Design Review, Dynamics Testing, Climatic Testing, Electrical Testing, Safety Testing & EMC Testing.

Consulting Experience:

Did internal and external consulting for P/M Industries Inc. and Morvie Electronics from February 1979 to January 1980.

Successfully solved many electrical design problems associated with the 4X50 YAG Laser System. Successfully assisted in the classification of the 4X50 YAG Laser System to Bureau of Radiological Health (BRH) standards. Successfully designed the test equipment's for manual testing of circuit cards for the Laser Power Supply and Electro-Optic Q-switch used on the 4X50 YAG Laser.

Successfully assisted in the analog and analog-to-digital converter designs associated with a microprocessor controlled Kiln Dryer.

Floating Point Systems, Beav., Ore - May 1978 to February 1979

Design Engineer:

Design responsibility for interface units compatible with end user host computer systems. Successfully assisted in qualifying the analog power supplies to U.L. Standards for the FPS 100.

Held continuation engineering responsibilities as well. This position assisted design engineering with possible problems to newly designed products. Evaluation of system design and reporting back to design engineering the difficulties with the product performance indicating what was not within engineering specifications, and suggesting solutions to bringing the product within performance.

Teledyne Controls, El Segundo, Calif. - September 1975 to May 1978

Product Support & Design Engineer:

Responsibilities were to improve the designs of present aircraft test equipment and design test equipment for new products. Successfully improved the design for present products such as the FDEP (Flight Data Entry Panel), FDAU (Flight Data Acquisition Unit), and the SDAU (Special Data Acquisition Unit). Successfully assisted in the design of a test set for the Management Unit (MU) of the Automatic Communications Addressing and Reporting Systems (ACARS). Successfully designed a test set to check out aircraft inter-wiring and hardware programming for the ACARS system, under budget and per planned schedule.

Also had Responsibilities in the testing and systems integration of D.C. amplifiers that were installed into remote multiplexing units. Assisted in the system integration on DCU's (Digital Computer Units), that were used on the Atlas-Centaur Rockets.

Other Educational Courses;

McGraw-Hill - Continuing Education for E.E. Engineers, 1977

Portland State University - Physics of Electronic Displays, 1980

Tektronix Education Programs -

Microprocessor Design Course, 1981
Time Management for Managers, 1982
Reliability Course, 1984
Practical Experimental Design, 1985
EMC Seminars, 1985-86
Business Seminar, Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, 1988
Introduction to Unix and C, 1988
Introduction to UTek, 1989
Shainin Statistical Seminar, 1994

Other Experience;

Designed and/or taught classes for Clackamas Community College and the Tektronix Educational Program. Used PC's and Macintoshes to help write and plan courses.

Courses designed and/or taught;

  1. Schematic Reading and Component Identification
  2. Electronics 1
  3. Digital Electronics
  4. Analog to Digital Conversion Techniques

Other Skills;

Personal computer programming, programming in True Basic, Pascal, Object Pascal, C, Object-Oriented Design using C++, AppWare, Prograph CPX, Oracle PL/SQL, web middle programming using Tango, ColdFusion, and ASP. Have used MacApp and AppWare to design programs for service support projects. Use Forth Dimension for database design, and application front ends. Using PC's to successfully assist in developing, writing, and planning many of the tasks associated with my present job function. Have used Case Tools such as Deft - Sybase, and MacAnalysis.

Personal and Professional References Available Upon Request.

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