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Help with Searching the Web Site...

To initiate a search of the web project site, select the "Site Search" hyperlink at the bottom or top of each page. The searches are not case sensitive.

In general, a hyperlinked list of documents containing your search word(s) will be displayed on a seperate page in a search display form. This list displays the number of documents/files with the occurrences of your selected word(s).


The complete relevance Search system is for dealing with unstructured textual information, searching it, extracting information, and generating reports. This is done by simply entering the text and clicking on 'Start Search'

The relevance Search uses a unique algorithm to provide for rapid real time searching of text containing documents. This is ideal for rapidly changing document sets.

Basically, relevance searching offers several options for the input search page. Depending on what subject is searched within the site, the input search page will either offer very simple pages with a simple entry field and a search button or the search page can include the options for "Subject Area" or "Document Sets", and "Maximum Hits".

The input page also has Boolean search support based on OR, AND, NEAR, NOTNEAR and PHRASE search operators.

Search results are returned using relevance ranking (similar to the way that WAIS returns matches). One (1) means the returned page had the highest number of hits for the word(s) or phrases, two (2) the next highest and so on.

With the relevance search you will get a results page with a list of file names that contain your search word(s) or phrases. The file names that are displayed in the results page are hyperlinked to the document pages based on the word(s) or phrases you were searching for. When you click the hyperlink the document page containing your search word(s) or phrases is then displayed.


To find the word(s) within the document, use the Netscape Navigators or IE's "Find" function to highlight the word(s) within the current page. The technique is identical to the one used to search a word processing document. Here is how to use the "Find" function:

  1. Choose Edit|Find from Navigators's or IE menu bar, or press Command + F or control + F. A dialog box will then be displayed.
  2. Type the word or phrase for which you're searching.
  3. Optionally, choose Case Sensitive if you want to find words or phrases that exactly match your request (i.e. the same use of upper- and lowercase letters).
  4. Optionally, choose the direction in which you want to search, either Find Backwards or Wrap Search, from the current position in the page.
  5. Click the Find button.

Navigator or IE will look for your word(s) or phrase, highlighting when it finds it. The Find dialog box used above might cover the found text, but you can drag the dialog box (by its title bar) to a different position on the screen. To search for additional occurrences of the word or phrase, press Command + G or in IE press the Find Next Button. If Navigator can't find the word or phrase, the menu bar will flash once or the computer will beep once to alert you to the search failure and the dialog box will disappear.

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