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The XML Transactional system is XML over HTTP, and can do Database queries that are Tabular and Hierarchical, along with database updates, such as Inserts, Deletes, and Updates, along with Remote Procedure Calls.

The primary interapplication communication is ASP based. For HTTP there is a post of XML, for XSL transformation. An XML message received from the Server Layer is transformed using XSLT, to generate HTML. HTML page is transformed using XSLT, to generate XML to be sent to the Server Layer.

  • XML - The document format used to define parameters for transactions.
  • XSLT - Template which defines how pages should be presented on the browser.
  • XSD - Documents defining how each transactions should look.
  • ColdFusion/ASP - Used to control the flow of the web application and for preparing, constructing and handling received documents.
  • HTTP - Communication protocol used to send and receive XML documents.

Below is an XML Tranasactional system example:





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