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Distributed Database System...

What is a Distributed Database System?

A distributed database system, shown in the figure below, is an environment in which data in two or more database instances is accessible as though this data were in a single instance. This access may be read-only, or it may permit updates to one or many instances. The referenced data may be real time, or it may be seconds, hours, or days old. Generally, the different database instances are housed on different server nodes, and communications between them is usually done with the TCP/IP protocol. (Dye, 1999)

In addition to database servers, a distributed database system usually includes application servers and clients.


We can also define a distributed database system as a collection of multiple, logicaly interrelated databases distributed over a computer network. A distributed database management system (distributed DBMS) is then defined as the software system that permits the management of the DDBS and makes the distribution transparent to the users. The two important terms in these definitions are "logically interrelated" and "distributed over a network." They help eliminate certain cases that have sometimes been accepted to represent a DDBS. (Ozsu, Valduriez, 1999)


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