Hello Prof. Bouvin;

I would like to do my research studies and paper in the area of critical issues and innovative approaches to planning, design, and implementation of systems. I am thinking of a J2EE system as a backdrop. Infrastructure, System layout, Costs, Network requirements, i.e., what does it take to make a scalable J2EE enterprise system? What is the importance of planning, and vendor selection. What types of databases should be considered, i.e., Object or Object/Relational, advantages and disadvantages.

Another area of interest is software prototyping and it importance in influencing software requirements. I would also be willing to research and develop a paper is this area if the one above is too broad in scope.

Thoughts, Ideas, Concerns

Bob --


Thank you for the post and your great ideas here...your first thought / option looks like it could be a very applicable and worthwhile one to pursue... I would just ensure that your are able to frame your topic / focus within a twenty page paper--for example, some topics may be designed for a shorter paper or for a longer paper... one's ability to conduct a literature review and then to organize one's findings becomes a key skill in our research project... overall, your first topic is one that I most certainly would be interested in reading and reviewing...thank you again for the post... hope you have a nice evening!

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