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Welcome to the Oracle Info Site -- this site will have Oracle items that I have come across over my studies of this database environment


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Oracle 8i Complete Reference (PDF, 17.3 MB)

History of Oracle technology introductions
Year Feature
1979 Oracle Release 2: the first commercially available relational database to use SQL.
1983 Single code base for Oracle across multiple platforms.
1984 Portable toolset.
1986 Client/server and distributed Oracle relational database.
1987 CASE and 4GL toolset.
1993 Oracle7 with cost-based optimizer.
1997 Oracle8 generally available; Oracle previews Oracle Application Server 4.0.
1998 Oracle Application Server 4.0 generally available; Java-based middle tier.
1999 Oracle8i generally available; Java Virtual Machine in the database.
2001 Oracle9i Application Server generally available; Oracle integration in middle tier includes Portal technology; OracleAS Web Cache in Oracle9iAS announced.
2001 Oracle9i generally available.
2003 Oracle Database10g enables grid computing and simplifies and automates key management tasks; Oracle Application Server 10g generally available.
Source: Oracle Application Server 10g Essentials,
By Donald Bales, Rick Greenwald, Robert Stackowiak

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