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Wine Club Warehouse Information:

The Wine Club is an organization that sells wine and accessories to its members. The club has about 100,000 active members/customers that buy on the average 4.5 items per order. The club processes about 750,000 orders per year. There are about 150 suppliers, and the club carries about 2,200 different wines.

Our premium wine club members receive internationally selected wines from two separate award winning boutique vineyards each month. Club selections are chosen not only from classic regions such as Bordeaux, Sonoma, and Tuscany, but also from more recently discovered premium wine producing regions such as Australia, New Zealand and Chile.

The Wine Club focus is on lightly distributed, hard to find wines that typically retail for $9 - $40 per bottle. Wine club members are introduced to 2 different wine varietals in each shipment, typically one red and one white, however, they may specify if they prefer to receive reds or whites only.

The club is absolutely committed to variety and quality. Our 12 - members professional tasting panel, headed by nationally recognized author, educator and industry consultant, Don Lahey, ensures that our featured selections are both extraordinary and rare. Club members receive lightly distributed, boutique vintages that they might have never tried otherwise.

A customer can join the wine club for just $ 27.95 a month (plus shipping and handling) they also get a monthly newsletter which describes the clubs featured wine, what to look for in each wine, and suggested food pairings. There's also great industry information in the club newsletter and specific articles related to wine appreciation.

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